Our Veterinary Services


At Baystate Mobile Veterinary Services, we can do all routine soft tissue surgeries that are outpatient. We do not perform orthopedic surgeries or any procedures that require post-op hospitalization.


Our dental services include regular oral check-ups as well as sedated dental cleanings.


We recommend several local pet emergency facilities in the event that your pet has an emergency.


We provide digital radiology services to our clients. Digital radiology provides more detailed imaging with greater speed and accuracy.


Exams and Vaccinations

We provide annual wellness examinations and vaccinations for your pet. Our wellness exams include routine dental checks as well as overall physical check-ups. Remember, your pet’s rabies vaccination is the most important vaccine for them to receive!

Heartworm Prevention

While on the decline, we still diagnose a few cases a year. It is recommended that your pet take heartworm preventives to avoid these parasitic roundworms.

Did you know that most heartworm prevention products are backed by a reimbursement guarantee if your dog should contract heartworm disease after taking the product?

Buyer beware: the product must be purchased from a veterinarian OR an online pharmacy that is approved by the company manufacturing the medication. While the price might be tempting, you may be voiding the product guarantee.



We have a close-to-full pharmacy onboard our vehicle for your convenience, but we do welcome you to use other pharmacy sources to save money as well. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your pet’s prescription options.

Nutritional Care

Sometimes your pet’s dietary needs are the most important consideration for their health. We provide nutritional counseling for pets with health concerns, pets who are overweight, pets who are seniors, etc. We can provide prescriptions for diets as needed on an individual basis.


We offer microchipping services, and we provide Avid microchips. Remember, the most important part about having your pet microchipped is registering the microchip! We will give you information about the registration process at the time of your pet’s implantation, or you can visit this link to register online.

Geriatric Care

Geriatric or palliative care extends to our senior patients who are ill or have reached the end of their healthy years. We offer compassionate counseling about what you can do for your pet’s quality of life.

Pain Management

Pain management is important to our team. We provide pain medication for pets in need and offer consultations for pain control in elderly patients.

If you are concerned about your pet’s comfort level or wonder if your pet is in pain, we provide a pain scoring tool for evaluation. Please ask us for this tool and we’ll be happy to explain it to you.


Baystate Mobile Veterinary Services

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