Your First Appointment

Baystate Mobile Veterinary Services operates by scheduled appointment for the convenience of our clients, so the most important first step is contacting us to schedule our visit. Please note that we are currently booking clients 6-8 weeks in advance.

Your Appointment

After we have scheduled your appointment, our team will ask you for important information about your pet in preparation for our visit to your home. It is helpful to have any pertinent medical history for your pet, especially your pet’s rabies vaccine record. We do, however, understand that “life happens,” so if these documents are unavailable, we can come up with a plan to “start fresh,” with no judgments.

keeping scheduled appointments

While we are dedicated to making appointments in as timely a manner as possible, please keep in mind that some visits may take longer than expected. When we are running late, we will call to keep you informed about the delay and discuss rescheduling if necessary. Also, we may occasionally have to prioritize urgent care for our regular clients, which may mean having to postpone routine care where a pet is not in danger. If you have questions about our policies or appointments, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you know that your driveway is tight or that you have low-hanging tree branches and wires, please advise us about where we should park our vehicle when we arrive. If your pet is going to be examined or cared for inside your house, we ask that you prepare for our visit by:

  • Preparing an area for the examination where there is plenty of good lighting
    Confining your pet to a room or an area where they can’t escape so that they will be ready for their medical care when we arrive. (Bathrooms work well for this).
  • Having your pet’s previous medical and vaccine records prepared if your pet is a new patient with us
  • Relaxing, so your pet will feel more relaxed
  • We are still running “curb-side” services for both mobile and in-office visits due to the pandemic. If you have further questions about what this entails, please call the office at 774-262-7679