Pet Pharmacy

For busy families, seniors, and disabled pet owners, it can be a challenge to chase down pets, put them in carriers, and bring them to the veterinarian for routine appointments such as checkups, vaccinations, and medication refills.

Pet Pharmacy

As a provider of mobile veterinary services in Charlton, MA, and the surrounding areas, we can come to you and make sure that your pet is well cared for. You may have occasionally found that traveling to your veterinarian for annual exams and medication refills difficult. With our mobile services and in-office pick-up, getting wellness exams and medications refilled has never been more convenient. We offer refills during appointments and on our online pharmacy. You may also call to request a refill for pick up at our home office in Charlton, MA.

pet pharmacy

Another reason pet owners shuttle back and forth to the veterinarian is for blood and urine collection for routine tracking of conditions like diabetes and thyroid disorders. Your pet may be starting to age (around the ages of 5-7 years) which is a great time to get a “baseline” on their blood work.


Our veterinarian and staff are looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend. If you are interested in pet care services, give us a call at 774-262-7679. We are standing by ready to help you and your pet.