Wellness Exams

Your pet shouldn’t only see the vet when he or she is ill. Routine examinations help prevent your pet from getting sick in the future and assist with early detection of possible health concerns. We can make this easier for you by offering both mobile or in-office visits for your pet to receive his or her annual exam.

Pet Wellness Exams

cat on shoulder

During your pet’s wellness screening, he or she will receive a complete physical exam from our veterinarian. We will weigh your pet to ensure they are at a healthy weight based on averages for their breed and age. The doctor will check how your pet walks to address any issues associated with their musculoskeletal system. Additionally, our doctor will listen to your furry family member’s heart and lungs to check for issues like breathing problems and heart murmurs. The doctor will also assess your pets’ skin, teeth, and gums and check for any signs of inflammation or discomfort.

Your pet may receive vaccinations or other preventatives to keep them protected against serious illnesses that can lead to complications later in life. The veterinarian may also recommend fecal testing, a urinalysis, or blood work.

This is also a prime time for you to discuss any problems your pet is experiencing or answer any questions you may have about his or her health and wellness.

Seeking routine vet care is vital for evaluating your pet for current health issues. Not all health issues are apparent and cause easily seen symptoms. Therefore, a serious health issue can go unnoticed until it has progressed enough to need medical treatment, possibly even emergency veterinary care. A screening can detect a problem when it is still early enough to treat and prevent serious complications.


Our veterinarian and staff are looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend. If you are interested in pet care services, give us a call at 774-262-7679. We are standing by ready to help you and your pet.