General Pet Wellness

Keeping your pet healthy does not have to be stressful if you know where to go. Dr. Carolyn M. Selavka and her team at Baystate Mobile Veterinary Services are here to keep your pet healthy.

General Pet Wellness

Yearly wellness exams are a great place to start. During these exams, our veterinarian will perform a physical to make sure there are no underlying health conditions. We may suggest blood work or perform other exams to make sure your pet is well and healthy at this time. We may suggest other procedures and treatments at this time as well. Getting your pet’s health checked yearly can help us detect and treat issues early before they become a greater health issue later on during their lives.

Every animal’s wellness care will look a little different. Cat pet care includes an annual health examination, which covers a physical exam, as well as an ear, eye, and dental exam. Preventative measures may be recommended, such as spay and neuter, vaccinations, and flea, tick, and worm medications.

Always keep your cat on a balanced diet by providing access to water. Give your cat high-quality hard cat food and wet food daily. Many cats take care of their own grooming needs, but it is always a good idea to brush your cat periodically. Maintain a clean litter box indoors so that your cat has a place to relieve itself.

Dog pet care includes getting your dog signed up for a yearly wellness exam. During this exam, we will perform a physical and ear, eye, and dental exam. Based on the age and health of your dog, we may also recommend vaccinations, medication to prevent ticks, fleas, and worms, and either spaying or neutering.

Always keep your dog on a balanced diet, appropriate for their age. Offer them both dry kibble and canned food. Freshwater should always be available. Brush and bathe your dog periodically as well. Keep watch over any changes in behavior and diet. This can signal a health issue.

As pets get older, their health needs change along with their age. Senior pet care includes keeping an eye out for changes in behavior, changing their diet to meet their current health needs, going on regular walks to keep your dog healthy and fit. When we see your senior pet for their exam, we will check for any signs of arthritis and talk about ways to help your pet as they age. It is also important to keep your senior pets up to date with their shots and exams to make sure they are healthy for their age.


Our veterinarian and staff are looking forward to meeting you and your furry friend. If you are interested in pet care services, give us a call at 774-262-7679. We are standing by ready to help you and your pet.